Vancouver Transformers

Are you ready to become who you were born to be?

Six month group coaching and cognitive hypnotherapy program in Vancouver. Transform into the person you have been all along and create the life that matches your potential.


Coffee with Gillian

Come and find out more about Vancouver Transformers and how it can help you.


Be the midwife to your midlife

Find out how to give birth to a better life in your middle years with this powerful workshop.


The Transformers Program

Our signature 6 month program is available in group and one on one formats.

Do you wake every morning feeling lost, stuck, bored, dissatisfied and frustrated? You are not alone.


Deep down, you know you were born for more than this. Even though you would never say it out loud, you know that no-one else has your unique constellation of talents and skills, your abilities and insights, your passion for the thing you do in a way no one else does.


But you hold your tongue and you compromise. You try as hard as you can to squeeze satisfaction out of your job. And you wait. Because you made a promise to yourself - one day. When the mortgage is paid off, when the kids are through college / leave home, when your partner is earning enough to cover the bills for a while, when the economy improves, when you figure out how to make money at this..... But now you are starting to feel like time is running out and your 'one day' will never arrive.


There is never going to be a perfect time. Will now do?


In just six months, The Transformers Program empowers you to take inventory of all of your gifts and passions - everything that makes you YOU - and figure out how to package them and bring them to the world, either as a new business or career or as a passionate pastime. Working in small groups, we will help you resolve limiting beliefs that originate in the past and create a fulfilling future that expresses your uniqueness and authenticity. Let's get started.